"I am the proud owner of Tantra. It is prominently displayed in my advertising agency, and I have received more compliments about your piece than any other in my collection. It really invigorates me and everyone who sees it. Tantra is truly beautiful with its bold colors, textured facade, and striking strokes."

T. Taylor., SVP, Business Development, Las Vegas, NV.

"Beautiful bold lines and imagery, vibrant depth of color, and a sensitive use of texture create a unique signature and style in your abstracts. The photographic image profile is exceptional as well. Highly evolved, intelligent, and alluring."

Patrick H., Marina Del Rey, CA.

"Hello Sue - Just a quick note to let you know I enjoy viewing your work as you register the pieces on Fine Art Registry. You're a great artist and beautiful person...inside and out. Continued success to you Sue!"

Lorna Wallace, Pop Culture Artist, San Francisco, CA.




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